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Effects of Projected Sea-Level Rise on Everglades Coastal Ecosystems

Troxler, T. (PI, FIU), Sklar, F. (Co-PI, SFWMD), Gaiser, E. (Co-PI, FIU), Davis, S. (Co-PI, EF), Kominoski, J. (Co-PI, FIU), Coronado-Molina, C. (Co-PI, SFWMD), Madden, C. (Co-PI, SFWMD). 

Evaluating the Potential for and Mechanisms of Peat Collapse Using Integrated Mesocosm and Field Manipulations. Florida Seagrant, NOAA. January 2016-February 2018.

This study identifies potential mechanisms for how salinity and saltwater inundation contribute to peat loss in freshwater and brackish wetlands, which can be used to inform Everglades and South Florida water management decisions and more broadly inform ecosystem management of coastal landscapes worldwide. This study will advance the Sea Grant mission by integrating scientific research and coastal water management challenges to develop actionable information and best management practices for water management and conservation of coastal resources. The outcome of the study will have immediate application to water and environmental management needs, and has been designed with end-users (e.g., SFWMD) to ensure that information will be readily accessible to water managers and decision makers. This project will continue to increase our understanding of the net effect of increased salinity and inundation specifically examining the effects of chronic and acute saltwater intrusion events on Everglades coastal peat communities.

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