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We’re designed to meet the needs of Miami-Dade County and South Florida low-elevation urban coastal communities and comparable locations in the context of inevitable sea level rise.


The Threat

Some of the world’s largest economic hubs are faced with the inevitable reality of higher seas.

Research and analysis are needed to develop effective adaptations to preserve governance systems, infrastructure, business, supply chains, ecosystem dependencies, and personal assets.

In addition, synthesis and communication of existing knowledge and expertise is crucial to providing accurate risk assessments and timelines. We must train a new generation of experts to develop sustainable solutions to climate change impacts.



The Opportunity

Although sea level rise represents an unprecedented threat, it also presents an opportunity for communities to make timely socioeconomic improvements that gain value over the long term.

Florida International University’s Sea Level Solutions Center is a hub for international research, collaboration, education, communication, and outreach, and a network of experts associated with this hub.

The Center provides a clear and reliable voice focused on successful adaptation in a local context that can be heard and understood by multiple public audiences as stressful conditions become more severe.