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Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network

Grimm, N. (PI)

Redman, C. (Co-PI), Gaiser, E. (FIU PI), Kominoski, J. (FIU Co-PI), Troxler, T. (FIU Co-PI), et al.

National Science Foundation. November 2015 – October 2020.

The UREx SRN focuses on integrating social, ecological, and technical systems to devise, analyze, and support urban infrastructure decisions in the face of climate uncertainty. It leverages a network of nine, diverse cities, a network of 65 experts, a holistic conceptual framework, inclusive, participatory approaches, a workflow, education program and an evaluation plan that produces results and continually learning. The central question we are addressing is: How do social, ecological and technological systems (SETS) domains interact to generate vulnerability or resilience to climate-related extreme events, and how can urban SETS dynamics be guided along more resilient, equitable and sustainable trajectories?

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