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College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts

FIU College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) understands that true design innovation is inseparable from social engagement and thus inseparable from public service and community engagement. CARTA faculty and students bring academic research and applied urban design expertise to critical design, planning and investment decisions made by governments, neighborhoods, community development organizations, and design professionals in MDC and South Florida.

CARTA is home to a Nationally-ranked, evidence-based design programs in the School of Architecture and is driven by its engaged mission to use the power of architecture and the arts to create, innovate, and inspire solutions to social, health, economic, and environmental challenges. A proposed Sustainable Built Environments and Informatics (SBEI) will engage in a highly interdisciplinary research group assembled to tackle adaptation issues related to a rising sea-level and other coastal impacts to the built environments. SBEI as proposed includes faculty from Architecture, SERC, SEAS, Engineering and Computing, Law and Public Health and Social Work.

CARTA will be available to help to organize an international consortium of academic partners to analyze unique ways that people live in the tropics and subtropical communities and the urban design many issues that need to be addressed given climate change and impacts. CARTA faculty members have produced a remarkable exhibit that is now being shown at the Coral Gables Museum along with lectures and presentations about sea level rise and climate change. It is sponsored by the NFS and Cejas Foundation and is entitled: Miami 2100: Envisioning a Resilient Second Century.

The college includes the School of Communication + Journalism, which includes the Department of Journalism + Media, where the eyesontherise project lives. The Miami Beach Urban Studios is also involved in climate change projects. The climate change work of the all the schools and departments of the college are collected in the CARTA Climate Change Initiative website.

You can read about their work on communicating sea level rise and resilient urbanism strategies: adapation, mitigation and engagement.