street under water
Photo by DVIDSHUB via Wikipedia Commons

Global warming is an inevitable threat. By 2045, sea levels are expected to rise at least a foot, and Miami has been called ground zero for global warming. No one’s quite sure how the rising foot of water will affect South Florida and the millions of people who live and own property here.

But Sara Denka, a staff scientist at Coastal Risk Consulting, a Plantation-based firm that helps businesses and homeowners adapt to sea-level rise, set out to determine the neighborhoods that are most vulnerable to sea-level rise. She studied each ZIP code in Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. She looked up how much land each ZIP code had that was under three feet of elevation and then compared it to the population there.

“It’s basically a combined score of a large population and a lot of land under three feet,” Denka explains.

But it’s important to distinguish, Denka adds, that there are many other factors to determine risk and vulnerability to sea level rise, like critical infrastructure, demographics, and politics. “It is also important to realize that this is a very general analysis and that certain areas within these zip codes are at higher or lower risk than others,” she says. Read more here >>

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