SFWMD Rainfall April 2016West Palm Beach, FL — April rainfall was less than half of average across South Florida. South Florida Water Management District meteorologists reported today that only 1.19 inches of rain fell during the month, representing 45 percent of average, or 1.43 inches below average.

Eastern Broward County and Water Conservation Areas 1 and 2 were the driest basins in the area, with 12 percent and 10 percent of average rainfall, respectively. The dry conditions were helpful in the ongoing emergency effort to lower water levels in Water Conservation Area 3 in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Water Conservation Area 3 received 1.10 inches of rainfall, representing 38 percent of average, or 1.80 inches below average.

South Florida’s Dry Season

  • November – May
  • About 18 inches of rain is the average
  • May and October are important transition months
  • March, April and May have the highest evaporation rates and lowest rainfall

Other rainfall totals included:

  • Lake Okeechobee received 0.87 inches of direct rainfall, representing 39 percent of average, or 1.36 inches below average.
  • East Caloosahatchee received 1.03 inches of rain, representing 39 percent of average, or 1.62 inches below average.
  • Martin and St. Lucie counties, along with the Upper Kissimmee Basin, received the most rainfall in the area, but were still below average for the month. Martin and St. Lucie counties received 1.74 inches of rain, representing 64 percent of average, or 0.99 inches below average. The Upper Kissimmee Basin received 2.24 inches of rain, representing 88 percent of average, or 0.32 inches below average.

More information is available at: SFWMD Weather/Rainfall Data

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