CLIMA-FrontpostcardSpurred by articles in publications from Vanity Fair to the New Yorker, the nation finally seems to be waking up to the fact that Miami is slowly being swallowed by the sea. Predictions ranging from eight inches to six feet of sea-level rise over the next century make it clear that our tropical paradise is going under, and it’ll be expensive to deal with. No sweat, though. You and your children (and their children) can avoid this whole mess by simply staying away from the coast — right? Wrong.

“This is going to affect people in West Dade more than it affects people on the coastline,” says Xavier Cortada, a painter and artist-in-residence at FIU, whose work focuses largely on environmental science. “If sea levels rise four feet as predicted, 70 percent of Hialeah is going underwater.”

While the city of Miami Beach spends millions on pumps and other short-term solutions to sea-level rise, Cortada wants officials and residents on the mainland to grasp how it will affect them too. His latest project, “Clima,” is an exhibition of works and interactive events focusing on climate change. It’s on display until the end of January at the Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment in Hialeah. Read more >>


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