The FIU Sea Level Solutions Center develops mechanisms that facilitate:

  • Education and communication of climate change science
  • Creation of government and industry frameworks for timely responses
  • Research to establish a sound basis for adaptation and resource management plans
  • Informed adaptation decisions and actions based on those decisions
  • Long term evaluation and implementation of mitigation strategies

The Center synthesizes and improves ongoing research and policy analysis on issues related to sea level rise across the university and with its many collaborative organizations. It fosters comprehensive and multi-faceted understanding of climate science and adaptation options, and develops action plans in Miami-Dade County (MDC) and South Florida that can be implemented and replicated in other low-elevation coastal communities. Leveraging its expertise and location, the Center has relevance far beyond South Florida, and ensures that this trans-disciplinary research is applied to enhance and transform other vulnerable communities so that they may prosper in the 22nd century.