South Florida, inclusive of Miami-Dade County (MDC), ranks as one of the world’s most vulnerable urban regions in terms of assets exposed to coastal flooding exacerbated by sea level rise and violent storms. As a solutions center institution within the community, Florida International University (FIU) has taken a leadership role to address the complex effects of sea level change through research, teaching, service and engagement. A university-wide approach and commitment, FIU is leveraging expertise available through local, regional, national, and global partners.


The Sea Level Solutions Center (SLSC) applies information to build knowledge, design and evaluate mitigation and adaptation strategies, and create resilient, prosperous coastal urban communities.


The vision of the SLSC is:

- To realize innovative, equitable solutions for social, environmental and economic prosperity and engage communities to become resilient to the impacts associated with sea-level rise and climate change

- To forge interdisciplinary teams to develop cross-cutting decision support and guide solutions to the impacts of sea level rise and actions that benefit society locally, regionally and internationally

- To play an integral role in guiding and adapting the South Florida community to be economically-viable, equitable, healthy and sustainable