a-Al Gore_0MIAMI — One day after he blasted Governor Rick Scott and Florida’s power companies, former vice president Al Gore criticized the Florida Legislature for not taking steps to mitigate rising sea levels. At the Climate Reality Conference in Miami, Gore led a panel discussion that included some dire predictions about how sea levels might rise.

“Recent government projections show about two feet by 2040 to 2050, and from four to six feet by 2100.” said Dr. Tiffany Troxler, director of the Florida International University Sea Level Solutions Center. Troxler said the sea level rise is directly correlated to rising temperatures and the melting of land-ice. She continued that the number of “nuisance flooding events” or “sunny day floods” would increase for urban coastal communities in the next few decades, on a day when such a “sunny day flood” inundated parts of South Beach and downtown Miami neighborhoods near the Miami River Tuesday. Read more here >>

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