florida-future-on-waterOn Tuesday, November 10th, the Miami Center for Architecture and Design featured an exhibition which focused on planning and preparing South Florida for a watery future. Envisioning our Future on the Water: Talks with the Next Generation Series featured round table discussions with architecture students and faculty from the University of Florida’s Graduate School of Architecture, Florida International University’s College of Architecture and The Arts, and the University of Miami’s School of Architecture.

Florida 3.0: Reinventing our Future presents new urban possibilities in response to climate change, framed through the perspective of five priorities: Infrastructure, Mobility, Hydro-Ecosystems, The Resilient City, and The New Economy. Florida 3.0 presents an integrated approach to these priorities, and challenges inaction by visualizing the ways in which we could thrive in a watery future. The exhibition brought together research conducted through the University of Florida’s Consortium for Hydro-generated Urbanism (CHU), which focuses on the history and future of Florida’s water-based settlements and hydro-environments, within the broader context of new paradigms for the evolution of cities on water from around the world.

Nancy M. Clark, the Exhibition Curator, also served as the Moderator. Exhibition Participants included Kai-Uwe Bergmann, Nancy M. Clark, Alexandre Delijaicov, Martha Kohen, and graduate students from the University of Florida’s Graduate School of Architecture. Click here to learn more about the Florida 3.0 exhibition.

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