Brad with Carver ISTF teamThe FIU Sea Level Solutions Center was recently approached by an impressive group of young students dedicated to making a difference in the face of climate change. Alexandra Vives, Luis Garcia, Timothy Shin, and Dylan Colon are representing George Washington Carver Middle School in this year’s Internet, Science, and Technology (ISTF) Fair, with a project submission that aims to address the issues of sea level rise and an increasing need for clean, fresh drinking water.  Their project design involves using renewable energy to desalinate large quantities of seawater, to be distributed to areas in need of freshwater.

“What we learned about the issue of rising sea levels was truly life changing,” the team said.

“For example, in South Florida, where we live, the sea is expected to rise two feet by 2050. This will impact the region by increasing the flood damage, losing our freshwater aquifers to saltwater, and increasing our taxes significantly. Knowing this has made us very aware of our environment and the challenges facing our community. It is this knowledge we hope to share with others.”

You can check out their team website here, which includes information about the students and the details of their project design. Prepare to be inspired!

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